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This is a personal Mastodon server that is part hobby and part attempt to "normalize" the Fediverse. It doesn't claim to be the best server by any metric, but should be good enough to get people into the growing federated ecosystem.

It is my goal to be as hands-off in terms of moderation as much as possible. That being said, users of this server should certainly not post anything that is illegal (i.e. direct threats of violence, certain types of media, etc.) and should refrain from overly mean or spammy posts. If you engage in such behavior, you are subject to being banned, but I will always reach out first with a warning. While this policy might seem a bit arbitrary, it is mostly to prevent this sever from being blacklisted by other servers on the network. With that in mind, know I will be stricter if you harass members of "mainstream" servers such as mastodon.social compared to members of more "edgy" servers. It should be known I am generally a radical free speech supporter, but I consider the project of getting more people to leave Twitter, Facebook, etc. much more important. There are plenty of servers you can follow accounts on or join that have little to no restrictions, but do not re-post content from them that violate the above policies.

I am just one person, so I can't be expected to monitor the server 24/7. Users of this server are expected to be proactive, so if another user's posts are disagreeable to you please block them or the key words associated with that content as an option of first resort. You have the ability to report potentially offending posts, but it might be a while before I see it and/or it may not meet the standards for removal. Obviously this refers to questionable content, whereas clearly illegal/egregious content should be reported to me directly via priority@godfreyhendrix.com

TL;DR This is a public forum. If you wouldn't say something at a grocery store or restaurant, then you probably shouldn't say it here.