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The #FOSDEM2021 coming to the end, missed the trip to Brussels, meeting people, socialising with folks ... but a really great online edition! Kudos to the team, to and as well, making possible an all-around open source event!


i refuse to watch The Hunt For Red October because it's not possible to hunt a month. An absurd movie on its face

Imagine you were invited to a party where thousands of people were eavesdropping on your every word. If you say something they disagree with, you're kicked out.

Most so-called social media isn't very social.

Either 1) @jack has given up controlling his current social network and is just focusing on building its replacement or 2) this is a massive misdirect to prevent the adoption of the Fediverse as users wait for an alternative that will never come.

I sincerely hope it’s the former.

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